para cosmetic objects

Diploma project


A line of cosmetic products aimed at encouraging beauty treatment in hospitals for women suffering from long-term diseases

This handheld mirror is made with electrified Mirona glass. A dual-purpose object, it serves as both a reflective surface and beauty treatment timer. The reflection gradually appears as it follows the patient in his/her beauty regimen.

These four products are made using natural materials, with the exception of the hypoallergenic latex foam. They take inspiration from classic beauty products but also from massage accessories so they are larger than traditional beauty tools to make them feel less aggressive and to enhance the sensory side of the practice.


The first step of this routine is to moisturize the skin in order to prepare it for beauty treatments. The cream is applied generously using the large end applicator foam.


Once the skin is moisturized, a foundation is applied to unify and correct redness. Four shades are available to match different skin tones.


The third step is to brighten the skin with an illuminating powder. Two colors are available to better define the edges of the face.


Finally, blush is easily and delicately applied with this fourth para cosmetic. This creates an attractive glow and colorful finish with a soothing effect on the skin.